Is there FREE beer at every brewery as part of the bus tour?

Unfortunately, no. There's isn't free beer at every brewery, you have to purchase your own samples at most breweries. But, the samples are cheap (approximately $1-$2.50 for a 3-4oz sample), and better then that, they are fresh! We felt it's easier for you to regulate your drinking if you're buying your own.

What about lunch then? Is that free?

Just like your father tried to teach you, over and over again, there are no free lunches. Seriously. We have a built-in lunch stop on every tour so that you can eat, and get some food in your belly. But, you are welcome to brown bag it.

Can I drink on the bus?

Yes, you can drink on the bus. However, we do limit the drinking to just beer. You can hit the hard-stuff once you're back in Denver.

Can I eat on the bus?

Yup. No prob's there. Just keep it to a small, personal cooler. Again, we'll be making lots of stops, so no need to pack the family-sized cooler.


Sure. But, you really don't need too. Trust us! You don't need to pack extra beer.

Keep in mind, we're going to be hitting breweries ALL day. AND, there's no bathroom on the bus. So, you don't need to show up with a case, or even a 12-pack. In fact, a sixer will probably just end up being extra baggage -- unless you've got five friends to help you with the other 5 of 'em.

Can I smoke on the bus?

Nope. Not at all. No Fumar.

NO smoking on the bus, of anything at all.

What CAN'T I bring on the bus?

If you must bring extras, bring cans on the bus for safety's sake. Don't bring bottles of beer.

Also, leave the Jack, Beam, Bombay, Bacardi, etc, at home. This is just a beer bus.

Also, we're trying to have FUN. So, any bad attitudes can be left on the curb as well.